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Hi there all those in our Save Old School ‘family’ who are supportive of our progress forward to install a Community Hub into the Old School Ivinghoe.
Herewith our latest minutes.
After a gap whilst BCC BIG committee considered our final Community Asset Transfer, it was good to gather around some tables in the Rose and Crown again and share the most important moves and messages achieved in the last two months.The basic award is shown on the third and last page of these minutes attached….and of course we are all joyous at this achievement. The Big Lottery grant application is now in and we await their reaction with a held breath!
We now turn our faces to other funding streams to assist this refurbishment challenge, which is all now ours to shoulder, and have formed a team of four to apply and two to proof read our application attempts.
Liz Raba from Flametree Community Limited, who will lead a good percentage of the activities for all our differing age-groups and tastes, that you will see on offer in folded pamphlets around Pitstone and Ivinghoe shortly, was there at our meeting to discuss practical details. Hayley Wesley who will install and run a Cafe within the building could not make this particular meeting, but instead furnished us with questions by email and a costed plan for her personal setting-up. So we are all in close communication and full agreement as to the way forward. We will gain occasional access to the building over the next month to take utilities advisors into the premises for researching and costing refurbishment details, and hope to be agreeing a Bucks County Council Lease by the end of that same October 2012 month also.
We are working hard to bring about our active presence in the building by some time around New Year 2013…subject to all the refurbishment and grant awards needed for such remedial activities…and Lease final moves. We are full of ideas that will assist us to fit comfortably within the context of what is already here on offer in our lovely village, and on imaginative methods to support those present activities and spaces whilst we across the road enhance the gaps, in a mutually helpful manner, knowing we have the support of Brookmead school, the Church family and the Parish…..and of course all of you!
Please spread the word on this campaign’s success, and plan positively with us for the future. We will try to keep the villages informed of our progress through the relevant magazines, Newspapers and our website (manned by Martin McCormack)…..and our leaflet. When we are up and running the Trustees for our ‘not for private profit’ community organisation will post regular ‘transparent’ accounts and open reports in the Community Library and on our website, for you to peruse at leisure.
Many thanks for the help you offer in many small ways….please keep that suggestions….this is for us all to support and use…….we will let you all know when it is ‘paint brush’ time!
best wishes for your days
Carol Tarrant (Corn)
Chair of Ivinghoe SOS

July 2nd 2012 BCC feedback Questions



Group Meeting in the Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe, 

July 2nd 2012 at 8.00pm  

BCC feedback questions on May 2012 Business Plan (CT in chair)

Welcome to all SOS interested parties! Minutes, Apologies.

1 Update Nigel on SOS news for Beacon Magazine article due in.

2   BCC Finance have reviewed the stage 2 bid document for the Business Investment Group (BIG) and require the following clarifications before it is presented to BIG.  If we want to make the 26 July BIG meeting, Jackie Wesley believes we would need to get the updated information back by 10-12 July. Where they have phrased questions they would expect the answers to be addressed within the business case, not necessarily listed for instance, as an appendix:

·         Provide evidence of the £3,600 rent paid by Ivinghoe Parish Council.  We have £5,500 listed in our documents as the last lease amount paid.

·         Due to the nature of a number of the structural works required is it likely that the building will not be available wholly for the entire rental income period?  What is the likelihood of the works being completed and funding being secured before the start date of your financial model January 2013 for either the Council or yourselves?  If the work is spread over a specified period, e.g. 5 years, rather than carried out at the start will this have a different impact on rental income?  How will this be dealt with as the financial models in the business case already indicate a deficit? (The request to demonstrate how SOS would achieve funding and work around the necessary structural works as outlined in bullet point two, JW believes, relates mainly to the request from BCC relating to the potential option for model 5.)

·         There is no sensitivity modelling to take into account inflation.  The financial models indicate that rental income will be fixed with expenditure remaining at the same levels.  Whilst the long term intention is to have the two businesses have their utilities individually metered, what is the contingency plan in the meantime if costs such as these increase?  Is the intention to increase rental income?  How will inflation be dealt with generally?

·         In section 3 annual income from rent is expected to be £16,350 p.a. plus £1,200 p.a. from additional community use and fundraising.  The financial model indicates £15k p.a. for rental income, £18.8k for recharges and £1,350 for other income.  Why is there a difference?  The impact of this difference could affect the deficit/loss.

·         What will be the impact if funding cannot be secured for the building works?  What is the contingency plan?

·         What is the contingency plan to address deficits identified in the financial models?

·         In section 6 there are start-up costs of around £80k which includes £54,200 for building costs.  Can you confirm that the £54,200 is in addition to the estimated £145,850 indicated for building works in the survey provided by property?

·         Also, there are start-up costs relating to the businesses that will be renting space at the building.  Will these amounts e.g. for the kitchen, costume storage be recharged to these businesses or is the Community Group incurring these costs?

·         One of the proposed funding streams from the Architectural Heritage Fund includes low interest loans. How will the interest expenditure be covered?  There isn’t a provision in the financial model.

·         Within the environmental policy a ‘safe cycle’ storage in mentioned, what is the cost and where is it shown?

·         Will the volunteers be paying for their own training or CRB checks if required?

·         Review the calculations in the financial models, for instance some of the totals do not add up, e.g. total spend in option A, year 1 is shown as £17,540 but is actually circa £32k.

·         The computer equipment is stated as £1,600 in section 6 but appears as £16k in the financial model.  Is this a typo?

·         When is the group expecting to break even?  Even with removing the rental charge to BCC the financial models highlight a loss.

·         What is the maintenance cost made up of?  What is the basis of reducing the maintenance spend in years 2-5 in option B?

·         What are the revised timelines?  A number of the deadlines in the gant chart have been missed.

With regards to the financial models we will require the models as per the original advice dated 26th January (email) and 27th January (letter), plus the preferred option mention in the second paragraph in the executive summary in the business case.  I have specified below the request:

1.    25 year lease with rent indicated at £5,500 p.a. with the Council first putting the building in good order and all maintenance responsibilities being transferred to the Community Group (as originally specified)

2.    25 year lease with rent indicated at £5,500 p.a. with the Community Group having internal/limited maintenance responsibilities and the Council retaining structural maintenance responsibilities only (as originally specified)

3.    25 year lease with rent indicated at £0 p.a. for an initial period to be agreed with the Council first putting the building in good order and all maintenance responsibilities being transferred to the Community Group (as originally specified)

4.    25 year lease with rent indicated at £0 p.a. for an initial period to be agreed with the Community Group having internal/limited maintenance responsibilities and the Council retaining structural maintenance responsibilities only (as originally specified)

5.    Leasehold at £1 p.a. for all years with the potential for a freehold option later and full maintenance responsibilities (including structural) as the building currently stands passed over to the community group 

What happens if the value of the property increases???  Funds for purchase

Jacqueline Boosey 

Project Support Officer 

Centre of Expertise – Projects and Commercial Accountancy 

Finance and Commercial Services  



Next meeting to be arranged as needed.











April 30th 2012 minutes


      Group Meeting in the Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe, 

      30th April 2012 at 8.00pm



Carol Tarrant

Bob Corn

Jane Custance

Martin McCormack

Alex Wynne

John Wallis

Margaret Holliday

    APOLOGIES: Mike Custance

Sylvia Simmonds

Sue Nicholls

Les Laing

Moira Heggarty

Karen Groom

Carol welcomed everyone to the meeting, called to further discuss proposals in connection with the Old School Building in the centre of Ivinghoe, and its possible future for the community.


Previous Minutes: All approved.


Pub Quiz/Skills Auction 23rd May 2012: 

Carol will send an ‘Auction Promise’ slip to the wider SOS Group – Alex to speak with Sue, who will create a poster which will list the ‘Promises’, and the poster can be advertised on village notice boards, the web site and distributed onto tables on the night of the Quiz – Bob is happy to run off photocopied prints of Quiz questions and the poster if required.


Martin will provide pens for the evening; agreed that a raffle will be held on 25th May 2012 Open Evening at the Town Hall, although tickets will be sold on Quiz Evening – Raffle Prizes to be collated by Alex; Bob will check what the Prize for the Quiz should be with Karen, as her brother John will be running the Quiz; agreed that ten skills will be Auctioned.


(After the meeting, Kirk Rogers of the Rose & Crown asked for a few lines speaking of the Quiz/Auction by mid-week 9th May 2012, so that he could send an email out in good time.)


Minutes to SOS Meetings on Web Site: Carol asked if Martin could upload copies of all SOS Meeting Minutes onto the new web site – evidently required so that Funding Bid Agencies can read and see that we are a substantial Group. Minutes to be provided to Martin as ‘Word’ and as ‘pdf’ files – also, Martin asked if the meeting could think of content needs for the future, and he stressed that he needed photographs of the Old School when it was in action as a school – further, he would like any information or links to the new businesses (Theatre Group and the Café). Carol will add material also to the Village SOS site which has less than needed on our working plans as this content went into the submission and not the site..


Open Afternoon and Evening, 25th May 2012: Carol reported that a small exhibition throughout the building is planned with SOS group in attendance plus our County Councillor Avril Davies and Jackie Wesley as BCC liaison, providing Public liability insurance cover and support. The Theatre Group will be making a presentation of activity and photographs – she will also gently pursue Hayley’s wishes for input from the Café proposal. John is loaning display panels for the Café and other areas, whilst Flametree will provide their own for the Theatre proposals. Graphics will need to be made to convey both the SOS project journey, its future proposals and to guide visitors through the space safely. Carol and Bob will do this shortly. Jackie Wesley of Bucks C.C. had visited the Old School recently with Carol to assess a Risk Assessment in the interests of the Open Afternoon – she had recommended ‘roping off’ of certain areas, and is to provide a plan showing the areas of concern – John will provide the necessary safety tape. Bob will provide plans of the proposed building, Carol and Margaret will liaise re-letters and photographs of the Old School.


Carol will liaise with Jackie Wesley as to borrowing keys for the building to allow a cleaning /working party to gather – 19th May 2012 for yard brooming the outside between 11.00am and 1.00pm, also 22nd May between 11.00am and 1.00pm to prepare the inside.


As to the evening in the Town Hall – set up from 5.30pm to 7.00pm – Sylvia and Alex to prepare Teas; Display Panels will be moved across from the Old School by Group members; Alex and Sue are preparing the raffle; Carol will prepare an agenda for the evening, an outline for the evening is suggested thus:


½hour – tea and looking at photographs;

Carol to speak for perhaps ten minutes with a ten minute period for Q&A;

Liz and Joley (Flametree Theatre Group) to speak for ten minutes, again a ten minute period for Q&A;

Haley and Liz (Curiositea Café) to speak for ten minutes, again a ten minute Q&A period – Bob will try to telephone Haley to discuss.

General period of discussion.

Raffle and prizes.


Carol will arrange Posters advertising the evening to be posted around the villages, also ‘sandwich boards’ at Brookmead School and outside the Town Hall need arranging somehow.


Business Plan: Mike had sent his updated Project Plan Gant Chart to Carol – which she tabled – she will circulate this to the Group; Jane to create the SWOT and PEST analysis report to accompany her previous Risk Assessment – she will complete by 5th May 2012. Bob to enlist the help in gaining a copy of the Survey Report on the Old School building, carried out by Bucks C.C.; he and Carol will compile a draft Business Plan.


Post: Community Impact Bucks had written offering workshop training for volunteers; British Heart Foundation had written asking for applications for Grant Funding – evidently any application must be based on a Heart Health project.


Next Meeting: 21st May 2012 at 8.00pm, Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe












March 12th 2012 minutes


      Group Meeting in the Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe, 

      12th March 2012 at 8.00pm


PRESENT:     Carol Tarrant

Liz Raba

Martin McCormack

John Wallis

Joley Brindle

Les Laing

Alex Wynne

Karen Groome

Sue Nicholls

Moira Heggarty

Bob Corn

    APOLOGIES: Margaret Holliday

Sylvia Simmonds

Jane Custance

Mike Custance

Carol welcomed everyone to the meeting which had been called to further discuss proposals in connection with the Old School Building in the centre of Ivinghoe, and its possible future for the community.

Previous Minutes: All approved.

Web Site: Martin reported that he had researched Domain Name availability – presenting a list to the meeting; after lively debate, three were shortlisted, and a show of hands vote selected ‘’.

Martin asked for content – Les will put together a short snappy history of the

building – Liz and Joley will assemble notes of what is now proposed, Alex will

contact Mrs. Lloyd-Evans to see if historical photographs are available – many

suggestions were put forward; Bob will send photographs of the existing interior

to Martin, Carol will send the questionnaire findings and anything else helpfull.


Liz and Joley: presented their (very well received) outline proposals – what they have done previously and their respective histories in Theatre, and projects carried out locally – Dacorum Youth Productions, Court Youth Theatre and The Learning Project. A suggestion of a very full and rich timetable was put forward, noting that until detailed consultations and research has taken place, it must be regarded as preliminary.


Liz and Joley will make contact with Hayley Wesley to form a link with the Café

proposals as soon as practicable; they also tabled their Fire Policy and Risk

Assessment Documents, as they are helping to form the seven ‘model documents’ required in our Part two task list.


Business Plan and Project Plan: Noted that Alistair Owens and Mike Custance have both been working on these aspects – Bob had had a conversation with Alistair before this meeting and had discussed Alistair’s Business Model – Alistair to send a copy to Bob shortly, and Mike sent a preliminary copy of his Project Plan to Carol after the meeting; Bob will get together with Alistair and Mike to bring things forward, we by now having received Alistair’s Business Model.


Lottery Application: Carol noted that the ‘BIG Lottery’ Application has been withdrawn – this solely due to the fact that we have not yet signed a lease with Bucks CC for the building; the guidance given by the Lottery Official is that our proposals are entirely in line with their thinking, and are supported – we should increase our bid for additional activities – but only when we have a lease!The Lottery advised we re-apply in the next imminent roll-out. Everyone felt that we should lodge our lease proposals as soon as we can – Liz and Joley noting that their ‘Small School’ aspects of the overall Theatre Proposals might be in jeopardy if things were delayed beyond September 2012.


Committee: After discussion, it was decided that we should forthwith elect a Committee so that our Constitution can be ratified, and a Bank Account opened:


Chair – Carol Tarrant – Proposed Alex, Seconded John – Carried

Treasurer – John Wallis – Proposed Les, Seconded Carol – Carried

Secretary – Bob Corn – Proposed Alex, Seconded Les – Carried

Committee Members – Alex Wynne (Funding); Martin McCormack to be invited (Media) – Jane Custance to be invited to become a Committee Member because of her specialist Council knowledge. All other interested folk to offer assistance as available.


Noted that the next meeting will confirm the Constitution, our approach to Charitable Trust status, and our Banking Arrangements and plan in the risk assessment timing and divide up the remaining 17 required BCC part 2 tasks.


Any Other Business:

Alex had prepared a draft article for inclusion in shortly to be published Parish Magazine, Carol has secured a double page in the forthcoming Beacon to combine script and photographs.

A Public Meeting will be held in May 2012 – Carol to contact County Councillor Avril Davies (who briefly joined our meeting), Jackie Wesley and Karen to set the date.

We need to plan our ‘Seed-Corn’ or ‘Pump-Priming’ funding – we should approach Councillor Davies and other Council officials for help; also, a Quiz Night is planned for 23rd May 2012 in the Rose & Crown to include a ‘Promises Auction’ and Alistair’s generous inclusion of food, and Joley might plan some form of ‘entertainment’! Alex and Sue to progress this.


Next Meeting: 26th March 2012 at 8.00pm, Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe



















March 7th 2012 Minutes

Meeting 7th March 2012     11a.m. Judges lodging, Swan room 2                               Present;

Graham Winwright, David Exell, Jackie Wesley, Carol Tarrant, John Wallis, Alex Wynne and Bob Corn.

  • BCC promised Survey of the building? – BCC has commenced survey today 7th March – Condition survey only, with input from Bucks CC Structural Engineer. No full structural survey will be forthcoming as BCC does not do these. Noted that heating in a t least two of the rooms does not appear to work, and a suggestion was made that a drain camera inspection would be beneficial to check for cracks. BCC only really interested in Walls, foundations and roof structure – Bob mentioned future solar energy array of panels on South Facing Old School Roof, District/County Councillor Avril Davies very keen on idea. David Exell said Bucks CC not looking to invest in the building. Results of the ‘conditioned survey’ will be available to us after it has been prepared, as they might need to be built into the business case we make.


  • Timings/Lottery bid – and other funding bids – no one wants to take us on when we do not have a lease – often for at least five years. BIG Lottery has withdrawn our application, but suggests that we apply again when they roll out further grant schemes, even adding another ‘aspect’ of funding requirements. A new heating system, furniture and solar energy greening initiatives were lightly covered as our preferred options.

Graham suggested that we could use the phrase that we have been offered ‘first option’ on the lease,’ Decision in principle’ having already been achieved by being at stage two.

Timings however look so slow, even with our shortening of six months allowance, as sequence (6) slow. BCC suggests for speed, we draft Lease as well as Business Plan.


  • Our Projects future expected tenants are at the present reduced from three to two, the cookery school having pulled out to pursue their business in another form elsewhere. However our second tenant, the theatre school, has put together an extended timetable expressing their desire to hire as much of this second space as we feel is available, much of which will be to deliver community classes themselves. As a group we are conscious of the need to keep some room spare for ad-hoc occasional bookings for other community needs such as jumble sales, auctions, parties and meetings etc. The cookery school itself who wish to put on a food fare in the summer on the village lawn adjacent the Old School and wish to hire as and when this occurs also. We envisage that Sports events and other seasonal events and celebrations on the village lawn, will very likely wish some form of collaborative support from our building on occasion too. Bcc pleased we have reserve businesses awaiting inclusion. We had discussions on the shop ‘café’ threat and the emphasis on faster timings to reduce our risk of being pipped to the post.


  • CAT/Leasing – In response to question as to where the transfer aspect of Community Asset Transfer comes into this glorified leasing discussion, following advice from Locality at BIG Lottery Conference, we asked about the rent contributing to an eventual purchase of the building, by the community? David Exell said BCC does not do Mortgages. No valuations done on the building as yet, not a BCC thing.  Preferred option of Bucks CC as mentioned by Graham Winwright – Lease for the building with the ‘option to purchase’ included. We would then need to conduct our own survey prior to purchase. The building might be offered at ‘Valuation price’ Gavin Kinsman would be best contact for financial discussions, Rent, Mortgage and legal issues on Bucks policy. Our business plan should reflect rent free period proposals, contingency plans if businesses pull out, all manner of scenarios (risk assessment) . Business case needs to be put forward with as much detail as we can, as far as we are prepared to take it. BCC are prepared to discuss draft proposals to iron out creases.  Localities Act enables local communities to Lease or Purchase but at market value.  Jackie is to let us have a cabinet report re lease/purchase option.


  • Sample lease for us to see, as we are working in the dark? /no sample leases, all leases tailored to specific premises.



  • John’s Liability clause          Limited Liability
    The Liability of the Holding Trustees for the time being in respect of any breach by the (Name of the Organisation) of any of its obligations under this Lease is to be limited in amount to the realisable value of the assets of the (Name of the Organisation) that are for the time being vested in the Holding Trustees and nothing contained in this Lease entitles the Landlord to any right or remedy against the personal estate, property, effects of assets of any of the Holding Trustees or against any assets for the time being vested in the Holding Trustees that are not part of the Name of the Organisation.  – put this in as part of our proposed ‘Heads of Terms’ proposals.



  • Business Case Model – We are advised to check back with Mark Auterloney after we have drafted our ‘model lease’ in case anything now needs planning permission. After a ‘Fit for Purpose’ Survey – our responsibility will be the buildings fixtures and fitting and internal decoration. The drains and the basic kitchen will also need scrutiny and ‘fit for purpose refurbishment, we suggested. The business case must be one we can support which is attractive to the County. We can tackle this but not this and we look to County to do this instead, plus freehold idea as well. We should show where businesses have others in the wings as ‘reserves if needed’ too. We must prove the sustainability of it all, and make it attractive to BCC.


  • County sequence of events for CAT – Business case (draft better first, incorporating draft lease proposals): negotiations: BIG (Bucks Investment Group)would consider business case: Cabinet member report: ‘Call’ for scrutiny might cause a delay:  Drafting of the tailored final lease with length, break clauses and ‘options to buy’ written in. Obtaining Lease concludes sequence.
  • Martin Phillips is the Cabinet minister responsible for ’Community’.
  • Jackie Wesley to liaise re:  Ivinghoe Public meeting in May 2012.
  • Thanks to Graham Winwright for his open dealings with the SOS Community group .




February 13th 2012 minitues


      Group Meeting in the Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe, 

      13th February 2012 at 8.00pm



Carol Tarrant, BobCorn, AlexWynne, John Wallis.APOLOGIES: Karen Groom, Mike Custance, Jane Custance, Sue Nicholls.

Inner SOS group circulation – MartinMcCormack, Moira Heggarty,

Sandie Emmerson, Tessa Smith, Martin McCormack, Les Laing, Sylvia Simmonds

Anne Eastwood, Liz Raba, Joley, Hayley Wesley and Liz Smith.

60 villagers in email contact and all are welcome to SOS meetings

A Feedback from the 7th February BCC meeting and the previous night’s planning. 

. Neither meeting was formally minuted, so herewith both meetings outlined. Carol outlined the main points offered up last Monday by the group as issues to be discussed with BCC at the meeting with them the following day.1) Defining better the promised ‘good order’ phrase; 2) Rental terms; 3) Timing in all areas; were the main issues with some imaginative strategy put forward by Jane C to assist our own negotiating. Mike C offered his skills in planning our tasks ahead in prioritised order.

. As arranged on 7th February Carol and Bob met Graham Winwright, David Exell and Jackie Wesley, at County Hall. 1) On ‘good-order’ definitions, it transpired that a survey had not yet been commissioned on the building by David E, so it is only when this has happened and a report listing repairs has been drawn up, that BCC will be able to review the needs against costs. Warnings came from BCC that the modest nature of the refurbishment if any, would be basic, not involve such things as rewiring, or any major re-plumbing, though the need for a better heating system was discussed. The need to plan into this basic refurbishment the ability to continue it smoothly into any future enhancement was stated; whilst BCC declared that the structural areas of ‘Foundations, walls and Roof’ were their main responsibilities. We are asked to take various scenarios and explore these for the needed extent of refurbishment, and make our case. 2) Rent was discussed in relation to being financially ‘penalised’ when Businesses are present as sub-lets. We spoke of a sliding scale and percentage share with BCC on extra profits. 3) Timing was discussed with an option to extend with permission, or reduce the 6 month period; we made the point that our sub-let businesses must not be impacted by prolonged delay.

Summing up what is required, we will be reasoning through various scenarios making our argument and presenting it to BCC who will frankly assess whether they can afford this plan.

Moving forward Carol explained that all the items on the agenda could be covered by the posing of just five questions:


B Can we reply to BCC in writing formally accepting their invitation (without obligation) to agree to a sixth month submission deadline for CAT of Old School  Ivinghoe by SOS not for profit Community group?

A discussion ensued as to the formal adoption of the BCC proposal, without obligation, which was readily agreed by all present. Carol was charged with making that formal reply by 15th February.


C Who is coming to meet with BCC again soon from SOS group, and at which of the proposed dates?

To the question ‘who is coming to meet with BCC from SOS group, and on which date? The answer is Alex Wynne, John Wallis , Carol Tarrant and Bob Corn will request a meeting with BCC’s Graham Winwright, David Exell and Jackie Wesley from 11a.m. till 12.30p.m. on Wednesday 7th March 2012. Carol was charged with making this formal reply by 15th February also.


D Do we have the capacity within our inner SOS group to divide up the tasks ahead to meet our 6 month deadline (or possibly earlier) for submission for CAT?

We briefly discussed the practical reality of covering the twenty approximated tasks ahead, over five months maximum left to us, with just half a dozen maximum SOS group members’ regularly attending meetings and sharing out tasks. Carol expressed her own anxiety about continuing at the level of time she has given already, as her artwork has been delayed by eight month’s so far, and cannot be further delayed. Everyone expressed the irony of the project having now reached its tipping point towards success, and yet a diminished following has resulted.

We listed below, reviewed and commented on the 20 tasks remaining ahead of us.


E How can we build capacity within the village to support us as a group to complete these tasks, whilst still earning our own livings and meeting our own obligations?

Alex to put together an article for the two local village magazines and the parish magazine, though for speed of delivery something for notice board first.

Carol to list members for each of us to phone to ask them to a meeting on 27th February 2012, to deal with the tasks ahead to achieve the timing required by BCC for completion of all issues.


F How can we best use MC’s offer to help us prioritise and plan our tasks ahead? Carol to speak to Mike Custance re-the detail of putting a ‘project plan’ together from our list of tasks ahead and fully convey are list of known tasks.


List of tasks ahead of us:


1 Open a bank account – two emails advising on Co-op. John to enquire of the Co-operative bank as to opening a group account – He has already spoken with HSBC, for which carol thanked him and said a comparison would add more weight to our choices for BCC.


2 Form a legal entity – ask Sarah Allwood to give us relevant support. John to enquire as to the steps necessary in setting ourselves up as a charitable trust. The group is to formally adopt our constitution at our next meeting – Carol to email it to the inner group and note the adoption requirement. Carol to telephone Andrew Comben re-legal advice, and telephone inner group members to ask for committee member with a view to formulating the tasks required for the completion of the stage two business plan.


3 Tackle funding applications, in what order and when arise randomly

– (Andrew Long and Bev Trevitt to advise on February 21st and again on some pre-arranged Monday night meeting?) Alex and Sue are attending a funder’s forum on 16th February 2012 at Princess Risborough. Group members need to attend such functions and have a small team to follow up on the time consuming research and applications.


4           Local fundraising for current running costs – Small sub-group needed to organise sponsor runs, cycle runs, to liaise with local activity groups to promote as well us finance our present campaigning.


5    Business case questions part 2 – as in Outcomes, Aims, Objectives and targets defined finally for BCC, and showing how these would be monitored and assessed over the life of the project.


6  Organisations structure and capacity of the organisation to deliver the project – Decision making structures, management and staff structures, showing where they are paid or voluntary, experience, and what training plans are in place. 


7 Corporate plan links to project Identifying whether the project would create new jobs, housing or learning opportunities, and how this links with BCC Corporate plans currently, and other relevant strategies.


8 Indicative 5 year capital and revenue budget plan – including all anticipated grant funding, identifying whether this has already been secured and any other income expected, sources etc. 


9 Relationship to other ‘partners’ ‘proposed partners’ who relate to our project. This list has been circulated for added suggestions, no comments as yet. 


10-17 Legislation and regulation and how addressed within project – A range of eight model documents, that need studying and making a short précis document as a summary of our intention on Health and Safety regulations; Child Protection Policy; Equality regulations; Licensing; Inequalities; Crime Prevention; Environmental issues.  


18 Catchment area for project – easily defined as the Beacon Villages and these listed.


19  Development and planning permissionsBob to speak to AVDC planning office as to our proposals, to seek a more formal agreement beyond our initial discussion.


20 Risk Analysis – we have completed about one sixth of this exercise and so a meeting needs to be set aside to finish this risk analysis of our proposals in the manner we have been tutored by Community Impact Bucks.


Next Meeting: 27th February 2012 at 8.00pm, Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe