Working party Tuesday 22nd May

A series of emails and phone calls later we are now sure of our timings. 10 till 1 on Tuesday 22nd May to cobweb remove, broom and dust, clean windows etc. and move display stands into the proposed cafe area space ready to adorn on Friday morning with all our resplendent graphics! Please bring your own cleaning tools and remember the loos are not to be used so we will have to hope the Town Hall is open.
Saturday is now definitely ORF!……… as we do not have the insurance or the supervision that is insisted upon,but can do some yard brooming outside the kitchen area on Tuesday 22nd May morning also as it is now ‘risk assessed’….don’t ask!! Jackie Wesley will work offsite and thus be there to insure us from 10-1…but need to get away sharpish for later meetings so this is why we are starting early.
She will open up for us at 9.30 am. on Friday 25th so that we can hang the graphics I plan to do on Thursday…..during the morning prior to the Open afternoon in the Old School.
I have an horrendous cold at the moment but hope to see you for a small meeting on Monday 21st, we have booked the settle so six people would be ideal. We will use the meeting to plan out what we need to show graphically in our afternoon exhibition and what we will add to that in presentation terms, refreshments logistics etc., for the evening meeting in the Town Hall on Friday 25th (to whicheveryone receiving this is most welcome from 7 p.m. onwards.)  
I have attached the Open day poster which is now out and about in case you have a window for it please, and an interactive word version of the Auction /Raffle form designed by Sue, for you to use for the final Skills Auction /Raffle prizes you are able to solicit, please. ( you can fill it in online and email it back to me or Sue, if you will.)
Please support this SOS week of three events with all your community zeal, telling neighbours and friends and coming along in numbers to make the last busy twelve months seem truly worthwhile in our long journey towards holding that elusive 25 year Lease we covet for the Old School Building.
We are now in possession of the survey findings which we will share on Monday evening, and are working on balancing these with all the component parts of CAT Stage 2 which we hope to show in draft form to BCC ASAP.
Many thanks for all you put into this little community
best wishes for the weekend, broom free now….
Carol Tarrant
Ivinghoe SOS