February 2020 Calendar!

Hi all! CuriosiTEA Rooms will remain fully open throughout February for lots of delicious coffee and good food, although the re-construction of the Main Hall Floor is going ahead from 8th February until 23rd – only the Hall will be closed for that period. Some Classes and Groups will go ahead as normal – Canasta and Simply Singing on 7th, Bridge Club on 3rd and 24th, Kickboxing on 3rd and 24th, Parish Council on 4th, Pilates on 6th, Leighton Tots Soft Play on 7th and 28th – I believe they are working with CuriosiTEA Rooms to run in the Café on 14th and 21st. Music Class will continue through February as the class can take place in the IT Room – as can other small groups if required! Bear with us and we should have a sparkly new Hall floor at the end of it all – CuriosiTEA Rooms are running their Pop-Up Restaurant on 28th – we will enjoy the new floor as well as delicious food!


Do remember that we work very closely with the Town Hall in joint booking ventures, and with the Parish Council in their making the Lawn available for Car-Parking if your event requires it – just make sure to book the Lawn through the Parish Council’s web-site at least a week in advance –