Early History of Ivinghoe School  as Transcribed By the late L Laing

Lady Marianne Alford had the Church School Built in Remembrance of her Husband Lord Alford 1851. Unfortunately early school documents have been lost.

March 1899. Received the Scripture Examination Reports and is as follows: – The School steadily makes progress, a good quantity of work is well done. The written papers are neat in style thorough and accurate. The answering by word of mouth proved the clear effective teaching had been taken in by the children. Altogether the results are decidedly good.

The Diocesans Prize is awarded to Jeffrey Gadsden.

Commended in Group 3 Highest recommended: – Minnie Keable, Shadrach Payne, Percy Green, Hebe Hann, Minnie Elliott, and William North.

Commended in group 2:- Florence Gilbert, Joseph Richardson, Alfred Horn, and Dorothy Hann.

Commended in Group 1:- Kate Gilbert, Alfred Richards, Rhoda Windmill, and Arthur Deeley.

1900 The Management Committee for the school was as follows:-

Chairman Rev Treffry Harvey. Mr Archer, Mr Horn, Mr Nicholas, Mr Roberts & Mr Turney. Frank Heath. Diocesan Inspector.

28th May 1900  88 pupils attended.

1st June 1900  Club Feast Day.

30th June 1900 Poetry selected for year.

Group 1 & 2  “The Two Crossing Sweepers.”

Group 3        “Alice Fell.”

Group 4      ” The Lady of the Lake,”

1st March 1900 No school in the afternoon in honour of the Relief of Ladysmith.( Boer War )

15th March 1900 The Vicar asked that the children ought to have a few more minutes of play in honour of the “Union Jack” flying over Bloemfontein.

23th May 1900 School Holiday in honour of Queen Victoria’s Birthday. Plus the Relief of Mafeking.

17th Sept 1900 the school closed this afternoon 1pm – 3pm for “The Wesleyan’s Harvest Tea”

17th Sept 1902 Historic and Coronation Mugs presented to the children by Mrs Roberts.

19th March 1903 Scripture Report after Examination

Division!  Certificates. : – Doris Putnam, M Seabrook.

Commended: – Glyn Windmill, Grace Rogers, Percy Cato, William Bates, and Ernest Cook.

Division 2 Diocesan Prize Rhoda Windmill,

Certificates Richard Bullen, Nat Burnell.

Commended: – Clementina Horn, John Carter, Ernest Cato, Jane Favell, and George Bullen.

30th July 1903 Leighton  Buzzard Examination took place

Passed: – Ernest Rogers, Ernest Cato, Cyril Butler, Ruth Deeley, Clementina Horn, May Simmons, Rhoda Windmill, Nat Burnell.



15th March 1903          36 in class.

Commended Children: – Madge Seabrook, Maggie Rogers, Ernest Cook, Mary Payne, Basil Gadsden, Mary Howlett, and Mary Wells.

Mr Broome is the school attendance Officer.

7th July  1903   52 pupils present

Period 1903 – 1906   All School’s were brought under the National schools umbrella

The Ivinghoe School continued through two world wars, serving evacuees in the second world war from London who stayed in the youth hostel and village family homes.              The school closed in 1967 after teaching 2,971 children.