Main picture is the view from Ivinghoe Old School across the village green.

Welcome to the Ivinghoe Old School Hub

We are a motley band of Ivinghoe villagers who have come together as a ‘not for private profit’ group and achieved a Community Asset Transfer, raised £98,000 funding support and finally restored the Old School premises to full community use. Our vision was for a fully accessible space which because of its single storey is easily entered by one and all, is welcoming, informal, affordable and delivers to the community needs.

The building restoration money was spent on good insulation behind our new ceilings, restored gas heating and new electrics throughout, alongside a new kitchen and IT suite – the building was then left to our village volunteers to complete the DIY for all aspects of the last two metres of the walls, doors, windows and floors. Only when this was all finished in late Autumn 2013 could we invite in the Community to make the space their own!

The space is now filling with activities run by members of the community to be enjoyed by us all. Imagine  what we might dream up as we lie in the sunshine… tailored exercise classes, music, IT, reminiscing ‘show and tell’ photos and objects of local and family history, film making projects, table top games and lunch clubs. Join in any of a range of activities that will enhance our health and improve our wellbeing by sharing practical skills and getting our minds sparkling from new interests and experiences.

From new parents to the older and somewhat isolated, and all the stages in-between of returned students, self-employed, unemployed, carers needing time away, we are planning to respond to the village needs and complement existing provisions. A myriad of creative ideas are possible here in the Old School Community Hub:

  • Youth Theatre might inspire practical help from us all helping with costume, prop and set making
  • Reading groups, writing groups, film groups might inspire play writing, film shacking, Poetry evenings
  • Music classes might inspire more choirs, orchestras, ensembles, quartets, bands
  • Artists in residence for short strings of days might inspire new creative sessions for us all

Who knows what we could be doing here in another year’s time… either inside in the cosy Community spaces or outside on the village Lawn!

At present the original Ivinghoe SOS ‘Save Old School’ Community group has morphed into a Trustee group of twelve, and a historical creative group of four.  Your presence is welcome in the Hub.

Our new Hub will be what you make it… an informal new venue to complement everything that we love about Ivinghoe, but also a place to create much more!