Hi all – as we are all aware, Community Buildings like ours are necessarily temporarily closed due to the lock-down associated with the Covid-19 Pandemic – and it looks very much as if we are to remain closed for a good few weeks going forward. In the meanwhile our Chair of Trustees, Carol Tarrant, has established a ‘Mutual Aid’ WhatsApp group for the village of Ivinghoe. It is called ‘WhatsApp-ningin Ivinghoe’, and consists of 25 village volunteers around the village, who have all offered to keep an eye out for neighbours, particularly those who are shielding or are vulnerable in some way. Medicines and Food can be collected, and other help can be provided as required – Carol can be emailed on the Hub email address – – which is organised for her to access from her home. If you would like to be added to the ‘WhatsApp-ningin Ivinghoe’ WhatsApp group, please let Carol know, with your mobile phone number (which needs to have the WhatsApp app installed!) so that she can add you to the group.

Please keep safe, everyone – we will return to normal business of supporting our Community just as soon as advice from our Government allows, at all times keeping Health and Wellbeing paramount. We will keep updating this page as new information becomes available.