April 30th 2012 minutes


      Group Meeting in the Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe, 

      30th April 2012 at 8.00pm



Carol Tarrant

Bob Corn

Jane Custance

Martin McCormack

Alex Wynne

John Wallis

Margaret Holliday

    APOLOGIES: Mike Custance

Sylvia Simmonds

Sue Nicholls

Les Laing

Moira Heggarty

Karen Groom

Carol welcomed everyone to the meeting, called to further discuss proposals in connection with the Old School Building in the centre of Ivinghoe, and its possible future for the community.


Previous Minutes: All approved.


Pub Quiz/Skills Auction 23rd May 2012: 

Carol will send an ‘Auction Promise’ slip to the wider SOS Group – Alex to speak with Sue, who will create a poster which will list the ‘Promises’, and the poster can be advertised on village notice boards, the web site and distributed onto tables on the night of the Quiz – Bob is happy to run off photocopied prints of Quiz questions and the poster if required.


Martin will provide pens for the evening; agreed that a raffle will be held on 25th May 2012 Open Evening at the Town Hall, although tickets will be sold on Quiz Evening – Raffle Prizes to be collated by Alex; Bob will check what the Prize for the Quiz should be with Karen, as her brother John will be running the Quiz; agreed that ten skills will be Auctioned.


(After the meeting, Kirk Rogers of the Rose & Crown asked for a few lines speaking of the Quiz/Auction by mid-week 9th May 2012, so that he could send an email out in good time.)


Minutes to SOS Meetings on Web Site: Carol asked if Martin could upload copies of all SOS Meeting Minutes onto the new web site – evidently required so that Funding Bid Agencies can read and see that we are a substantial Group. Minutes to be provided to Martin as ‘Word’ and as ‘pdf’ files – also, Martin asked if the meeting could think of content needs for the future, and he stressed that he needed photographs of the Old School when it was in action as a school – further, he would like any information or links to the new businesses (Theatre Group and the Café). Carol will add material also to the Village SOS site which has less than needed on our working plans as this content went into the submission and not the site..


Open Afternoon and Evening, 25th May 2012: Carol reported that a small exhibition throughout the building is planned with SOS group in attendance plus our County Councillor Avril Davies and Jackie Wesley as BCC liaison, providing Public liability insurance cover and support. The Theatre Group will be making a presentation of activity and photographs – she will also gently pursue Hayley’s wishes for input from the Café proposal. John is loaning display panels for the Café and other areas, whilst Flametree will provide their own for the Theatre proposals. Graphics will need to be made to convey both the SOS project journey, its future proposals and to guide visitors through the space safely. Carol and Bob will do this shortly. Jackie Wesley of Bucks C.C. had visited the Old School recently with Carol to assess a Risk Assessment in the interests of the Open Afternoon – she had recommended ‘roping off’ of certain areas, and is to provide a plan showing the areas of concern – John will provide the necessary safety tape. Bob will provide plans of the proposed building, Carol and Margaret will liaise re-letters and photographs of the Old School.


Carol will liaise with Jackie Wesley as to borrowing keys for the building to allow a cleaning /working party to gather – 19th May 2012 for yard brooming the outside between 11.00am and 1.00pm, also 22nd May between 11.00am and 1.00pm to prepare the inside.


As to the evening in the Town Hall – set up from 5.30pm to 7.00pm – Sylvia and Alex to prepare Teas; Display Panels will be moved across from the Old School by Group members; Alex and Sue are preparing the raffle; Carol will prepare an agenda for the evening, an outline for the evening is suggested thus:


½hour – tea and looking at photographs;

Carol to speak for perhaps ten minutes with a ten minute period for Q&A;

Liz and Joley (Flametree Theatre Group) to speak for ten minutes, again a ten minute period for Q&A;

Haley and Liz (Curiositea Café) to speak for ten minutes, again a ten minute Q&A period – Bob will try to telephone Haley to discuss.

General period of discussion.

Raffle and prizes.


Carol will arrange Posters advertising the evening to be posted around the villages, also ‘sandwich boards’ at Brookmead School and outside the Town Hall need arranging somehow.


Business Plan: Mike had sent his updated Project Plan Gant Chart to Carol – which she tabled – she will circulate this to the Group; Jane to create the SWOT and PEST analysis report to accompany her previous Risk Assessment – she will complete by 5th May 2012. Bob to enlist the help in gaining a copy of the Survey Report on the Old School building, carried out by Bucks C.C.; he and Carol will compile a draft Business Plan.


Post: Community Impact Bucks had written offering workshop training for volunteers; British Heart Foundation had written asking for applications for Grant Funding – evidently any application must be based on a Heart Health project.


Next Meeting: 21st May 2012 at 8.00pm, Rose & Crown, Ivinghoe