Meeting 17th Sept

Hi there inner SOS!
Tonight we meet again ( 8 p.m. Rose and Crown) for the first time in ages…and now in a very good mood!
We have won the battle…and been awarded our CAT… now comes the planning forward to ‘open for business stage’. We have made some notes on what we need to share with you and then we want the rest of the time to be spent on questions and shared imaginative answers… no need for Agenda print-out production tonight.
We decided against an agenda as mostly Liz and Hayley will want to have a lot of small questions answered…and we will give over a lot of time for that in the second part of the meeting. Apart from that we have Public Liability Insurance to bridge in the interim before the Lease is signed in late October/early November and that will allow access for research into grant bid needs and costs. We will discuss grant bids and how to approach this workload also.