9.0 Implications of project not going ahead

If the project is not carried forward, we imagine that the building is likely to be sold commercially by Buckinghamshire County Council. This would result in the loss of an opportunity to create a valuable social facility for the village.

This would mean that those who would benefit from the Community Hub, such as the elderly would instead have to rely on the County Council for further help, for example transport to community centres elsewhere. Alternatively, Individual ‘imported’ help. Costly individual ‘one to one’ support, when community ‘communing’ would have averted the isolation felt before it escalated into ‘referable’ loss of independence, by becoming dependant.

Clearly, this example could be mirrored for all of the generations with the implied costs of individual support needed with the loss of self-reliant resilient well-being, the opportunity to support the forming of good neighbour schemes through increased community cohesion, healthy learning and the building of capacity in volunteers for progressing to employment.

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